About Chef Sebastian Carosi 

About Chef Sebastian Carosi

How did you become a chef?

Chef Sebastian Carosi explained, “My junior year of high school I had to make a decision… Using the hardened  adolescent knowledge of a 17 year old I had to narrow the search…. A banker, a chef, or a mortician…. Everyone must eat, everyone eventually dies and everyone spends money.”

Chef Sebastian Carosi 

Chef Sebastian Carosi says “I quickly learned How vast and unlimited the culinary world really is, nothing is the same, ever. You’re dealing with perishable edible Commodities that rejuvenate and restore the body, mind and spirit. A day is not the same, nothing is the same. The Commodities that come in the back door or continually different. Continually at a different stage of ripeness. Which meant I’d always have to be on my toes and have to think like a scientist. Communicate like a high school counselor, Dance like a ballerina. Push through the line like an NFL player, execute like a surgeon, lead a team like an army general. You know You’d have to just be all of those things not just one dimensional…

After seeing how my family Produced the majority of our food in a garden. Raised our own animals it was kind of a natural for me to become a farm-to-fork driven chef…. I quickly realized how happy you could make people through food… how you could communicate through food. How you could Heal through food, How you could Bring Community together through food.   Food was just the common denominator in a lot of these things that I was looking for… There was no such thing as a desk job in my future, things have to be changing and moving at all times… Being a chef just fit. Dead bodies and dirty money. Nasty.”

Chef Sebastian Carosi 

How and when did you start infusing foods with THC?

You said infusing, I’m not really infusing I’m trying to utilizing Full spectrum cannabis consumption. The plant in its entirety. Being that my father A merckel cell skin cancer survivor Grew most of my life and I became a farm-to-fork chef that consume cannabis It’s a budding plant. And an agricultural crop It was only a matter of time before it reached the kitchens of America’s fine dining establishments. In the early 90s when were we doing crude BHO extraction here in the Pacific Northwest that gave us a concentrated extract. Before that it was much more simple, baked goods. This was for proper decarb…

In the late 90s it was full-blown, secret cannabis dinners, after Hours parties, Bars closing at 2 and doing 2 to 4 a.m.cannabis cocktail hours. But for me it really started in the early 90s after I learned how to make brownies and rice krispie treats and knock people on their ass.

After that we brought the entire cannabis plant into the restaurant in all of its forms juice, buds, Fan leaf, Sugar leaves, And started doing anything and everything possible with it. We also learned proper dosage and dosing. Even though we know it’s not psychoactive And will not get you high, Culinarily and agriculturally speaking. We knew That the plant in is entirety is always going to be better for us. Then having it susceptible to things like heat that just leads to degradation. With over 400 different compounds in the plant We knew that the destruction of those was just a matter of temperature and wanted to avoid that so that We could truly get everything that we needed out of the plant, I can smoke concentrate and get high anytime But we were talking medicinally Healing our bodies Through cannabis as a food source……Chef Sebastian Carosi 

How would you classify your style of cooking?

Imagine James Beard and Salvador Dali have a 70’s baby. To clarify this baby was raised by Alice Waters and Jack Kerouac. The baby was babysat by Jack Herer and Julia Child who teach the baby how to cook farm-to-fork, forage. Organic plant heavy American Truck Stop cuisine served on white tablecloths. And grow weed…. with me. You may be seated along a rushing river in the forest or in a 200 year-old dairy barn. Sustainable grub Served on cast iron skillets and or vintage China.

Mix match silverware and Mason jars to sip from…. Basically my Cuisine is Progressive American Regional with a strong influence and emphasis From and on the Pacific Northwest. Being  1 of 3 Shaker Chefs left in the world my cooking has a strong pull towards historic Colonial and traditional American recipes, cooking  techniques and regional ingredients. Foraging for the majority of my ingredients means hands down that they are hyper seasonal… this means everything to me…


What are your top 3 rules of the kitchen (with a brief description for each one as to why each rule is important)?

  • The source locally ,you don’t grow and forage yourself, the impacts are huge and felt throughout the community.Treating people and ingredients fairly…
  • play the seasons…Plan your menus around the seasons, Foraged Goods, And farmers, so as not to purchase out-of-season Provisions. This creates that direct link between farmer and Chef, or The forest and the chef, or the fisherman and the chef. That link is vital and needs to be there…. these people live in your community you help them pay their bills, you help thier daughters get dance shoes, their sons get baseball gloves…to emphasize they spend money in other local businesses, it’s just a win-win situation..
  • Utilize 100% of a product available resources, do not waste…. Create a positive waste stream that is beneficial to your surroundings, situations and the environment…


Any secrets of THC infusion you are willing to share?

  • First thing to remember ,try to use the entire plant, Don’t burn off vital terpenes, Don’t purchase products That have fillers and problem causing other plant Source derived terpenes that there are no studies on… we don’t know the effects yet…. There are ways to learn more about smoking or ingesting these concentrated chemicals like azamax, pyrethrum, etc. There has been a lot of Grow chemical use today. Huge Labs and grow houses Aren’t necessarily the answer. They are For certain things but the bottom line is plants like good old-fashioned dirt. Cooking or consuming the entire plant is vital. in this day and age it’s easier to acquire cannabis plants and have access to leaves specially since the grow laws have changed… one can easily have fresh cannabis leaf and include it in thier daily diet without fear of being arrested…


What’s the number one tip you give to people who eat your infused meals?

  • Firstly safe proper clean dosage and consumption. For beginners microdosing each course usually with no more than 2 mg. A total meal of five courses Being 10 to 12 mg. Don’t overdo it or try to hang with the big boys when it comes to edibles… You being an individual that means everything is different- the chemicals in your body. The food that you ate previously, your mood, your surroundings. Everything weighs in on that cannabis experience. So just don’t over-do it, don’t try to be the wolf on Wall Street… it’s okay Not to be…

What do you envision for infused meals as legalization increases, or becomes more lenient?


Chef Sebastian Carosi

In this situation I believe with Legalization come standardization, just like the organic food movement… And like big tobacco, cannabis has already proven to be big business so we can assure big government will be involved, now that they see The money the laws have loosened, And perhaps we will be able to see more cannabis consumption in our everyday lives…. but we must keep companies like monsanto out…. keep the industry clean and pure. Cannabis  In Cafés, in restaurants, in coffee shops, Everywhere,  at the grocery store, corner market, Bodega.

To point out cannabis is a whole being placed onto the shelves of stores… Fresh cannabis products just readily available on the shelves…. juice, salads, smoothies, condiments, muffins, cookies. Donuts, oh shit sorry, that was my diabetes talkin… Just think about the everyday mundane lemon. In this case I know lenom doesn’t get you stoned But Do you see how readily available lemon is. Cannabis is a plant, it Should be everywhere and readily available….

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