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BC Smoke Shop Westheimer

7909 Westheimer Rd. Houston, Texas 77063

BC Smoke Shop

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In Houston, Texas there is a smoke shop, BC Smoke Shop, that is not your average smoke shop.  This smoke shop focuses on high end glass pieces.  After pulling into a Grade b shopping center, you walk into the BC Smoke shop and its and art gallery of glass pieces.

BC Smoke Shop

The biggest collection of glass pieces at this high end that I have ever scene.  Their address is below.  If your in the area I suggest you for sure check them out!

7909 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, Texas 77063
Monday – Saturday: 10:05am – 10:05pm
Sunday: 11:05am – 9:05pm

“I was the first person to open an all glass smoke shop in Texas, and possibly the country, over 18 years ago according to a lot of old school glass pipe artists.” George Ankar


Everyone at BC Smoke Shop knows their pipes, water pipes and rigs extremely well, and they talk glass 24/7.  I remember going there 15-20 years ago and the owner, George, would be importing custom glass pieces from a place in Austin, I believe called the “Grassy Knoll.”  Glass shop owned by some hippies and they were really good at what they did.  I had broke a piece, called Marlin- like a Wizard, well I drove 3 hours to bring it back to the same person that had hand blew that piece I loved so much.  I understood then why the BC Smoke Shop was ahead of their time.  They pretty much started the market in the south for high end artistic hand glass pieces.

BC Smoke Shop carries glass pipes from hundreds of artists and they strive to keep up with all of the new artists emerging into the glass art scene daily. BC Smoke Shop has a a serious selection of glass spoons, waterpipes, rigs, hitters, steamers, helixes, electronic cigarettes, etc., and they were also the first ever to carry vaporizers in Texas back in ’99.



BC Smokeshop 16th Annual Party & Glass Blowing Demo Video


On January 26th 2013, BC Smoke Shop celebrated its 16th anniversary by having local artists Joe Blow, Stoke, and Max Kind put on a demo with national guests JOP and Elbo.​  Bad ass video!! Must watch!


BC Smoke Shops only sell glass pipes that are made with care and love from artists across America. Each piece, even down to the smallest pocket-size pieces, is unique.

BC Smoke Shop

Each of the hand-blown pieces that we carry in our stores is made by amazing American artists. The glass selection cannot be compared to pieces in any other smoke shop in Houston, Austin or around the country, and that’s something they pride ourselves on.

Made to Last

They make sure that every one of their glass pipes is not only one of a kind, but also made to last. Head in to any of the local stores and put the pipes to the test. Trust them, you’ll be happy with what you find and you will most definitely want to tell everyone you know about all of the glass gems that BC Smoke Shops have collected over our 18-year history. The pieces are more than just pipes and bongs; they are works of glass art. Come see for yourself! It’s like a candy store, but all glass!!

BC Smoke Shop

BC Smoke Shop

BC Smoke Shop

BC Smoke Shop

BC Smoke Shop


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