Cannabis Buttermilk Ranch

Chef Sebastian Carosi

Cannabis Buttermilk Ranch

lets talk about a sauce you can put on salad greens, a dip for wings, kale chips or even raw veggies ‘Cannabis Buttermilk Ranch’. Here the ingredients from Chef Sebastian Carosi and prep time are available on our website.

prep time:15-20 minutes

yield:12-15 servings / 3 cups

total thc/cbd: 130mg thc / 30mg cbd

equipment needed: medium stainless steel mixing bowl, whisk, chef’s knife, cutting board


¾ cup dukes mayonnaise

¾ cup organic sour cream

1 cup organic thick buttermilk

1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar

½ tsp worcestershire

1 tbsp fresh cracked black pepper

¼ tsp dry mustard powder

1 tbsp jacobsen kosher salt

¼ tsp dry garlic powder

1 tbsp chipotle adobo puree (pureed contents of chipotles in adobo can)  (add more if more sassy is desired)

½ tsp dry onion powder

1 tbsp dry parsley or 3 tbsp fresh minced organic parsley

½ tsp dry dill or 1½ tsp fresh minced organic dill

1 tsp chopped fresh organic chives

1 bottle fairwind’s lifestyle cannabis tincture (0.20oz bottle, indica or sativa, 1 btl= 100mg thc)

3 packets ruby cannabis sugar (10mg thc / 10mg cbd per packet)


-mix all the above ingredients into a stainless steel mixing bowl,

-With a whisk, combined thoroughly well and let it be refrigerated overnight,

– After overnight then you can bring out when you want to serve,

-Make sure to mix your ranch before serving it

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