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Marijuana In Honduras

Marijuana In Honduras

The magical plant that has everyone startled! But many of us wonder why is it that in a society full of technology, double morals and so much corruption, something so harmless can create such fear. The answer is simple; this is a society still in denial. In denial of research marijuana in Honduras, in denial of acceptance, in denial of the truth and in fear of expression because of what our government imposes day by day. Violence is the main resource used by the government to control freedom of speech, so how will a society submerged in violence express freely? Through writing!

weed Honduras

Honduran government is light years away from legalizing Marijuana; in fact, the oppression exerted upon us as a society will not even allow us to express its medical benefits let alone recreational purposes without being seen as drug addicts with severe abuse problems and/or in need of being committed to psiquiatric hospitals. Authorities of Santa Rosita Psychiatric Hospital say they hold 35 patients in their facilities due to psychotic outbreaks related to marijuana. Family members will have them committed, leaving their physical and mental well-being in hands of professional care experts that do believe uses of cannabis are related to mental issues and distortions of reality.

weed Honduras

Very little is known about Cannabis being used in Honduras for medical purposes merely; there is no research relating Marijuana to improvements of physical or mental health in Honduras, besides the information given about it on internet about other countries. So why would society believe it’s useful for such purposes if no Doctor is telling them so? Only those who have actually experienced improvements in physical or mental disabilities (both patients and doctors) through the use of Cannabis or those who are well informed about it can testify of its benefits. Unfortunately, trying it is a risk not many are willing to take given stereotypes and wrong information given by local news.

weed Honduras Honduras Cannabis Laws

Honduras Cannabis Laws specifically state that possession, sale, transportation and cultivation are illegal. Marijuana is very much related to crimes, violence, drug trafficking, money laundry and extortion. As it’s still not legal, if caught, you could be put in jail or use your persuading skills to get off easily, depending on the police officer. Smoking publicly is not tolerated, however, there are places or local bars where it can be done secretly. You must know what crowd to do it with and where. In case of foreigners, it’s seen as something more tolerable since weed in Honduras is a cultural malfunction more than a dangerous hazard. Often, you will hear urban legends of people dying from weed overdose or people completely loosing their minds because of its use. In a stigmatic culture where everything is believed from word of mouth, things like this can get negative attention very quickly.

weed Honduras

Between 2014 and 2017, the government has shut down about 13 processing labs and seized about 2 million plants of Cannabis, alleging that the process given to marijuana is altered with drugs such as cocaine and other hallucinogens which make the smoking population go crazy and lose their minds. Cocaine is very much related to Cannabis here in Honduras. Lack of information makes the population relate these two as in having the same effects on the body and the mind. Authorities link this to organized crime groups from other countries. However, there is a place of harmony where legalization is not needed; a paradise where it is tolerated and done freely, the cost of getting caught is very low.

Roatan Marijuana Laws

Honduras has 3 Caribbean Islands: Utila, Roatan and Guanaja, and in every single one of them, Marijuana is a life-style among the population. Roatan is a Caribbean lifestyle Island, where culture varies from the one in other cities of Honduras. People are free to go out and about and do as they please, from what they eat to how they dress. Roatan Marijuana Laws state that it’s illegal, just as in every city of Honduras, however there are cases known that use it for medical purposes on the islands. Coxen Hole, one of the largest areas of Roatan, is where you can find it at a cheap prize. The risks of getting it there are high but the possibilities of finding it are greater. Bringing Marijuana into the country, if visiting the islands is extremely risky; it is advisable to look for someone that’s native to avoid exposure to authorities.

As it is severely penalized by Honduran Laws, small groups of Cannabis users are still trying to find ways to educate the population about its uses and benefits. Some areas of the country are well fit for cultivating Marijuana and it’s maintained as local businesses to generate employment and better the economy of those places, even if they don’t believe in its uses. These are low populated towns in the mountains where it can be very hard to find by authorities. Cannabis sativa has been spotted in someprovinces of Copán, Colón, Comayagua and Yoro, as well as other parts of Olancho.

Honduran Marijuana Culture

Hondurans urge for a system that analyzes benefits as well as medical advances of this powerful plant. Hondurans shouldn’t live in fear of freedom, of being out spoken, of deciding on a lifestyle suitable for each individual that chooses it. I have high hopes for Honduran Marijuana Culture and hope that someday, sooner than later, it is seen truly for its purity rather than for its negative effects. Meanwhile, supporting small movements that look for the legalization of it is the nearest step into any advances in this cause.


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