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Michigan Marijuana Legalization

Michigan Coat of ArmsThe votes are in! Michigan is now officially the 10th state in United States to legalize Marijuana.

With 56% of voters in favor of Proposition 1, now Michigan’s medical marijuana regulations will take place for commerce.

Michigan has become the 1st state in the Midwest to legalize it. This law will be in effect in about a month because the decision must be certified by the Board of State first. After it has been certified, every individual 21 and over can buy, possess and use marijuana and derived products of it. There is however a 10-ounce limit for Cannabis in residences and may be in possession of 2.5 ounces in bottled containers.

State of Michigan

Proposition 1

In 2008, The Michigan Medical Marijuana Initiative was approved under the name of Proposition 1. It allowed all those who were seriously ill to use Marijuana for medical purposes.

Republicans however did everything in their power to prohibit Marijuana use in the Michigan Legislature. They created the House Bill 96394 to forbid any marijuana club or bar from the state arguing Proposition 1 cost the taxpayers money. They also stated that this law created too much confusion regarding caregivers, patients and users. Nothing to worry about now, since Tuesday marked a day that will remain in 4:20 history forever.

Democrats are saying they do not want people having to leave the state to buy it, they want that money to stay in Michigan. They agree that this will help their economy grow.

This money will go into repairing roads, schools and the local government since the state will collect 10% excise tax on marijuana sales. Since neighboring states (Indiana and Ohio) are strongly against it, consumers will no longer have to leave Michigan to purchase Cannabis. Cannabis sales are expected to begin in 2020.


Vote Michigan
Michigan goes Recreational

We are getting closer to legalizing it in all states. I strongly encourage voters to promote, ballot and stand strong when it comes to legalization issues with Cannabis.

These elections were definitely a home-run for Marijuana. It’s beginning to feel like the fall of the Berlin Wall. A landmark in history for Marijuana Legalization. But as an aid for those needing relief from their emotional and physical battles.

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