It’s a question many of us have: What is the difference between THC and CBD.

With popularity increasing this rapidly, the variety of products in the market and all the information out there, it’s only natural to have uncertainty and unsureness about anything related to Cannabis. Reading and doing your research will help to clarify these doubts. So let’s talk about THC and CBD to hopefully better inform individuals and clear out any doubts. The only wrong questions are the one’s that go unasked.

So is CBD better than THC?

Best known as Cannabidiol, CBD is one of the many cannabis compositions that does not give you the psychoactivity of THC and is used as a natural remedy for anxiety, inflammations, arthritis, acne, cancer symptoms, pain, depression and other conditions. It does have some side effects like nausea, dizziness, dry mouth and drowsiness among others. It comes as:

  • gummies
  • oils
  • gels
  • ointments
  • creams
  • vapes
  • skin care
  • health supplements
  • extracts

What does THC do?

Tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC, is also a cannabinoid found in cannabis that does have the psychoactive effect that makes you feel “high” and its effects are substantially different from CBD, for example: relaxation, hunger, reduced aggression, alteration of senses. It’s available as edibles, drinks, syrups, drops, oils, capsules, tinctures but is most commonly consumed by smoking it.

THC is used to treat disorders like:

  • insomnia,
  • low appetite
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • glaucoma
  • migraines and others.

Common side effects are red eyes, dry mouth, memory loss, extreme appetite, slow reaction time and issues with coordination.

CBD lacks the cognitive effects of THC, although they both may have the same medical benefits. THC may impair your thinking and reasoning, lower your organizational and planning skills, even alter making decisions while “high”.  It has been proven that plants with more CBD and less THC have a more delicate, lighter effect and plants with more TCH and less CBD have a more powerful “dope” effect. Marijuana has a higher concentration of THC. Hemp has a higher concentration of CBD.

Natural applications are better related to CBD. If you are looking to have an altered state of mind, THC is your answer. So, depending on the reasons you are looking to use either one, it each has its own particular benefits. Before consuming any product in general, prior research is advised and knowing your own body also comes in handy (every individual is different). So, do your research and learn to know and understand your body well; always consider side effects and be aware of its legalization in your area before buying it.

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