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Voters Make Utah Medical and Missouri Medical!

Voters Make Utah Medical and Missouri Medical!

People Who Are Sick And In Need Of Its Medical Benefits, Voters make Utah Medical and Missouri Medical by Legalizing Marijuana. Missouri with over 66% in favor and 53% in favor in Utah!

Missouri Medical

With over 66% in favor, the state of Missouri has legalized medical marijuana. Although there were 3 initiatives in place (Amendment 2, Amendment 3 and Proposition C), only Amendment 2 was approved. Amendment 2 allows people in Missouri to grow marijuana in their residences. It also has a list of qualified conditions under which only sick people can consume marijuana. Missouri’s Department of Health will now regulate how much can be bought at dispensaries and how much can a resident grow in their home. Revenue Taxes of 4% will go into health care for veterans.

Missouri goes Medical

It wasn’t a matter of if it would be legalized but rather how it would be legalized. With Amendment 2 going through, it puts doctors and patients in charge of medical decisions, not politicians. Now every individual will be able to make an educated decision on how to receive treatment under their doctor’s supervision.


Utah Medical

53% Of Voters Legalize the Medical Marijuana for people that have qualifying conditions in Utah. In an extremely conservative state where people vote based on their religious faith, Marijuana has become legal for medical uses on sick people. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has had an epic influence over Marijuana legalization in Utah. The Church has rejected its legalization in the past for many reasons. Before elections on Tuesday, supporters of Proposition 2 and the LDS church members came to an agreement stating that medical marijuana will only and exclusively be used by those patients with qualifying illnesses. This means residents in this state are not allowed to cultivate their own marijuana. This is a huge milestone in terms of legalization in Utah. If the Church is now coming to amends about its legalization than this is a big breakthrough for Cannabis users. While smoking marijuana in public places still remains illegal, patients will be able to consume products made from CBD oils, edibles and any other way of marijuana used specifically for a medical condition.

Utah legalizes Medical Marijuana

This does not mean you can go out and just but marijuana anywhere. You must first be evaluated by a physician and then get your license for medical use. Once you have your license, you must go to authorized and legal dispensaries with proper identification to purchase it. Dispensaries will also have to send applications for opening commerce of marijuana for medical purposes in these states. Its not just that simple. After December 6th, the state will start creating the application process. Then, another 3 to 6 months for them to start accepting applications. Those applications will be evaluated within 150 days of being submitted. After approval of these applications, licensed dispensaries may open for business. By 2020, Missouri and Utah will have dispensaries selling marijuana products without people leaving the state to purchase it.

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